MyOctopus is delighted to be listed as one of the '10 promising startups' in EU-Startups list '50 of Europe’s hottest IoT startups'.


During the last few weeks, we took a close look at about 150 European companies that are working on innovations in the Internet of Things space – including IoT platforms and smart devices. 
During our sourcing and review process we exclusively focused on startups which were founded between 2014 and 2016. In order to source the initial list of roughly 150 European IoT startups, we used platforms like Funderbeam, Dealroom, AngelList, Linkedin, Crunchbase (and several more), but we also spoke with a number of industry experts to ensure that we’re finding the best startups possible.
The next step was to create a ranking on the basis of this extensive list of IoT startups. For each company we tracked the employee count (according to LinkedIn or the company website), their social media followings, website traffic, and the degree of innovation. Afterwards we gave each of these data points a specific weighting, which resulted in a concrete score for all of the listed startups. The result is a ranking with 50 of Europe’s hottest IoT startups
. You can purchase/download it here for €69 (£ 54.52).
Below you’ll find a little appetizer in the form of 10 promising startups which are also included in our ranking report. We’re listing the companies below in no particular order. If you want to see the concrete ranking with all 50 startups, make sure to download our report.


Posted on May 10, 2016 by Thomas Ohr