On Irish Tech News By Niall O’Gorman 

#FounderStories a series of conversations with founders.

When was MyOctopus founded? Do you have any co-founders? How did you get the idea?

MyOctopus was founded in April 2015, by my co-founders Larry (Wawrzyniec) Wawro and Sylwester Hyzynski during a hill walk in the Dublin Mountains. Our CEO Larry had an idea about a ‘human’ home, one that responds and learns with you. He wanted to build something that could manage and extend the abilities of smart devices in the home– Emma Dowling CMO & Co-Founder

What does MyOctopus do? 

MyOctopus is creating a complete solution to manage the home ‘Intranet of Things’ – a open source platform and device that will do everything for your smarthome – it will make your home truly smart, connected and responsive, without compromising your data or privacy.


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