On Mar 22nd, MyOctopus were a demo team at The Dublin Beta Paddy's Day Special at The Hangar Dublin



DB17 team spotlight: MyOctopus

Full article on: http://dublinbeta.com/db17-team-spotlight-myoctopus/

What does MyOctopus do?

MyOctopus does everything for your smarthome – it will make your home truly smart, connected and responsive, without compromising your data or privacy.

– It will increase the controllability and monitoring capacity of appliance and devices in the home network, learn your patterns and routines, and save you time and money.

– The device is packed with onboard sensors, CPU and a self-learning AI. it is able to connect to virtually any device, and to record and store data from ‘dumb’ devices.

– The open-source platform allows you to download apps, create apps, build MyOctopus on your own hardware, and see and control everything that happens to your data.

– All computation and storage happen on-device.

– MyOctopus is the most fully featured, flexible, ‘human’ smart-home solution on the market.

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09 Mar 2016

By Gene Murphy

Posted in Alumni, DB17, News