If a bunch of guys asked you to get into their van outside a pub at a late hour in the evening, would you run a mile?

Especially if they are asking you to ‘make a film’ and are exhibiting some advanced examples of #StartupHair ?

Well, that is kind of what happened to us with the Startup Van - I had to persuade my team mates that going up a little street across the road from the infamous Dublin night spot Copper Faces and getting into a classic VW Van was a good idea!



However, our encounter with the guys from The Startup Van and VideoBase IRL at the #nightsummit was really the most enjoyable and interesting interview of the #WebSummit.



Interviewing startups to document the growing startup ecosystem in Ireland and abroad, and also promoting their own their own startup at the same time is a pretty cool and innovative idea - combine this with a iconic VW people van and you have a total winner - ingenious innovation!



The van was surprisingly comfortable; we we really glad to sit down and relax after the hectic excitement of the WebSummit! We really enjoyed making these videos - these guys are total pros at interviewing, and really put a new early-stage startup like ourselves at our ease! Like all startups experiencing a massive tech conference for the first time, we were quite tired and thirsty for the pub, but the videos turned out quite well. 





Thanks Guys!

You are really doing a great service for the startup community.  These guys enrich any startup ecosystem they drive into.