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My Octopus The intelligent #smarthome multi-tool with Ai edge-computing.

Completely opensource – Create the home of your dreams YOUR WAY.

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Describe the company – the elevator pitch


With MyOctopus, we are building a creative smart-home multi-tool, which users can customise at any level, from application to hardware. At Team Octopus, the user is at the heart of our design; we mean that we are thinking about people, every step of the way. Every home, every lifestyle is unique; we are creating a smart home that will be personal to each home and user.

How are you different?

MyOctopus is the only fully open-source smart-home device on the market. Open hardware and software gives people the flexibility to create a smart home that fits their lives; this is different.

  • We are also the only smart-home solution with an on-board AI with edge-computing capabilities within the home cloud. This means that all computing and data storage can stay on the device. This offers greater data protection, control and security to our users
  • It is also the only smart-home solution offering an embedded IDE within the dashboard, which will allow our users to easily design their own apps and contribute to our online open-source community.