MyOctopus Smart Home Community

From small beginnings, great things can grow

We are a genuine startup, with a small core team,
working hard every day to build you the smart home of your dreams.
with no money for shiny gadgets to reward YOU our loyal followers with yet

but we can offer you some different ways to get involved:



OUR hardware is opensource too!

you can look at all pcb and schemata on circuithub

ITCHY TO MAKE? Follow and Fork on




Our software and OS (myoctopus_os) is hosted on GitHub

WEBDESIGN: please email us at

BLOG:  Please email requests for guest blogs to


early perks

  • A chance to test MyOctopus for us & have it in your home

  • Early dibs in our parts shop

  • Some of our wonderful emails in your inbox every so often

  • Many STARFISH on your community account

MyOctopus is completely open source, free to swim anywhere in the data ocean.  Please feel free to breed your own Octopii, or evolve MyOctopus into whatever creature you wish.  MyOctopus is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 and these terms.